ESCAPE™ Single Cell Proteogenomic Analysis:

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Overview: ESCAPE RNAseq sample-to-answer service

Binding Proteona Antibodies

Single Cell Barcoding of RNA and Protein

Sequencing RNA and Protein Libraries


List of Services

Proteona standard services

Standard services

Assisting clinicians and clinician-researchers to fully understand patient samples

  • One-stop single cell sequencing and multi-omics solution
  • From whole sample processing to basic bioinformatics analysis.
  • Standard antibody panels cover immuno-oncology, CAR T, blood cancers, and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
Proteona cutomized services

Customized services

Customizing our single cell proteogenomic analysis to meet your unique need

  • Assistance in single cell sequencing experimental design
  • Customized antibody panel including proprietary antibody conjugation
  • Sample multiplexing
  • Customized bioinformatics data analysis
  • Customized report generation
Proteona premium CRO services

Premium CRO services

Top quality, high throughput single cell multiomics for pharmaceutical applications

  • Integrate single cell multi-omics to clinical study workflow
  • Ideal for immune-profiling, cell therapy characterization, and vaccine development
  • AI-powered data analaysis and access to proprietary single cell sequencing database


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