Meet Proteona at VIB: Ghent, 2-3 Dec. 2019

Meet Proteona at the Next-Generation Protein Analysis and Detection conference armennano from Pixabay

Meet Proteona at the VIB Next-Generation Protein Analysis and Detection (3rd edition) conference in Ghent, Belgium

Innovative AI-driven genomic and proteomic analysis platform for improving cell therapy and immuno-oncology

Dr. Andreas Schmidt, the Chief Executive Officer of Proteona, will be presenting at the VIB Next-Generation Protein Analysis and Detection (3rd edition) conference, taking place in Ghent, Belgium, from the 2nd to 3rd December 2019. His talk, titled “Managing Tumor heterogeneity: Single Cell ProteoGenomics from research to clinical impact”, is scheduled at 11.05am on the 3rd December. It is part of the plenary session “Single Cell & Single Protein Analysis”.

Join us to explore cutting edge technologies from top scientists and companies, and to learn about how Proteona helps to address tumor heterogeneity with single cell multi-omics analysis.

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About Proteona

Proteona is a precision medicine company in Singapore, Germany, and the US that is pioneering the use of single cell multi-omics to improve clinical outcomes in cancer. Using a combination of innovative single cell assays and AI-assisted bioinformatics, Proteona enables pharmaceutical companies, biotech partners, and clinicians to integrate single cell level precision into their clinical projects. Proteona continues to develop comprehensive, disease-specific single cell databases combining gene expression, protein expression, and mutation information derived from each individual cells as well as drug response data for each sample. Proteona has been selected as a “One to Watch” by Nature Research Spinoff Award and a Winner of Falling Walls Ventures Breakthrough of the Year 2020. Proteona is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).