Meet Proteona at VIB: Ghent, 2-3 Dec. 2019

Meet Proteona at the Next-Generation Protein Analysis and Detection conference armennano from Pixabay

Meet Proteona at the VIB Next-Generation Protein Analysis and Detection (3rd edition) conference in Ghent, Belgium

Innovative AI-driven genomic and proteomic analysis platform for improving cell therapy and immuno-oncology

Dr Andreas Schmidt, the Chief Executive Officer of Proteona, will be presenting at the VIB Next-Generation Protein Analysis and Detection (3rd edition) conference, taking place in Ghent, Belgium, from the 2nd to 3rd December 2019. His talk, titled “Managing Tumor heterogeneity: Single Cell ProteoGenomics from research to clinical impact”, is scheduled at 11.05am on the 3rd December. It is part of the plenary session “Single Cell & Single Protein Analysis”.

Join us to explore cutting edge technologies from top scientists and companies, and to learn about how Proteona helps to address tumor heterogeneity with single cell multi-omics analysis.

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About Proteona

Proteona Pte. Ltd. is a biomedical company in Singapore, Germany, and the US that is pioneering the use of single cell proteogenomics to improve clinical outcomes in cancer. Using a combination of innovative single cell assays and AI-assisted bioinformatics, Proteona provides a comprehensive sample to answer service that enables users to phenotype cells using standard protein markers and gain a deeper understanding of cell activity based upon their gene expression profiles. Proteona is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). Proteona is leading an international alliance to develop neutralizing antibodies against coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2. In addition, Proteona supports partners developing COVID-19 therapies and vaccines by providing single cell immune profiling services.