Method of the Year 2019: Single cell multi-omics

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Single cell multi-Omics selected as Method of the Year 2019 by Nature Methods

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06 January 2020 - Nature Methods announced that single cell multimodal omics was selected as Method of the Year 2019. It specially recognizes the recent advance in single cell analysis technology, where multiple types of measurement can simultaneous be made on single cells in the same experiment.

Single cell analysis is a powerful tool that profiles each individual cells in depth. It promises to transform scientific research and medical treatment. Cancer, for example, often starts with subtle changes in one or a small group of cells. Even within the same patient, different tumour cells may show different characteristics and therefore different drug responses. Single cell analysis allows scientist and clinicians to look into this heterogeneity and develop targeted therapy.

Now, by combining different readouts, such as RNA and protein expression, single cell analysis can provide greater value than the sum of the parts. The Nature Method article also pointed out that development and adoption of single cell multi-omics will generate rich datasets, which will require more sophisticated data analysis tools to fully decipher the information.

This is not the first time that single cell analysis is featured by top scientific journals. In 2013, Single cell DNA and RNA sequencing was selected as the Method of the Year by Nature Methods, where the research community started to widely adopt single cell sequencing techniques in order to gain deeper insight into the heterogeneity of biology.

In 2018, development cell by cell using single cell RNA sequencing was selected as the Breakthrough of the Year 2018 by Science Magazine. Single cell RNAseq enables scientists to track individual cells in development and disease, and to understand their interaction.

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