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Proteona Oncology Challenge

The Proteona Oncology Challenge

Co-sponsored by Proteona and Novogene

Awards up to 50,000 USD worth of single cell proteogenomic analysis, sequencing, and bioinformatic services for translational oncology projects

Rapid developments in immuno-oncology and cell therapy have led to both exciting breakthroughs and important challenges. As new treatments are discovered, several key issues still need to be addressed, such as patient-to-patient variation, tumor heterogeneity, side effects and toxicity, and the dearth of predictive biomarkers that can guide clinical decision making.

Multi-omic single cell analysis technology, combined with state-of-the-art data analysis tools, provides a powerful platform to elucidate the heterogeneity and complexity of biology. Enhanced Single Cell Analysis with Protein Expression and RNA Sequencing (ESCAPE™ RNA-Seq) is an innovative platform for obtaining protein and gene expression information from the same single cells. By clustering cells using well characterized protein surface markers, it adds essential cell phenotyping information to single cell RNA-Seq data, therefore providing an in-depth understanding of the sub population and their functionalities. ESCAPE™ RNA-Seq enables deep characterization of clinical samples such as measurements of tumor cells, support cells, and infiltrating lymphocytes in solid tumors, thorough phenotyping of liquid tumors, and understanding cell therapy heterogeneity and subsequent patient response.

Tell us how you want to use single cell proteogenomic analysis in your research! Simply submit a 300 word or less abstract to share with us how you will use ESCAPE™ RNA-Seq to analyse your clinical samples and how you will make use of the data. The winner will be awarded an ESCAPE™ RNA-Seq package worth up to $50,000 from Proteona and NovogeneAIT, which includes ESCAPE™ RNA-Seq single cell data acquisition and access to our AI based data analysis tools.

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  • All proposals will be carefully reviewed by a team of scientists from Proteona. Short-listed applicants will be notified by email for further assessment. Winners will be selected based on novelty and anticipated scientific and clinical impact of the research.
  • Entries are welcome from all fields of oncology including, but not limited to, cell therapy, liquid and solid tumor analysis, and drug screening including the use of tumor organoids.
  • We welcome entries from all academic researchers, regardless of position or title.
  • Additional awards may also be given at Proteona’s discretion. Only first time users of ESCAPE™ RNA-Seq technology are eligible for the Challenge.

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About Proteona

Proteona Pte. Ltd. is a new biomedical company based in Singapore, Germany, and the US that is pioneering the use of DNA barcoded antibodies to provide both proteomic and genomic information from the same single cells. Proteona is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (A*STAR). The platform is a comprehensive sample to answer service that enables users to phenotype cells using standard protein markers and gain a deeper understanding of cell activity based upon their gene expression profiles.